Stop Wanting To Be. Start Wanting To Do.

I talk about this one point so much I’m surprised my anyone wants to hang out with me. It’s probably getting annoying at this point, but hell — it’s something that needs to be mentioned. When you’re doing creative projects or starting a business, you need to be doing it because you genuinely want to do that work. You have to do it because you are genuinely prepared to get up every day, when you don’t necessarily want to, and push yourself to blast through an almost never ending to-do list.

If all you want to do is be someone who started a business or finished a creative project, that’s going to be bad for you. You can’t go into business thinking you want to be an entrepreneur. You have to go into it thinking that you want to build something.

Remember, entrepreneurship and creativity aren’t a lifestyle choice.

We get sold on thinking it is by looking at pictures of awesome offices and reading about billion dollar valuations and crap like that. It’s all smoke in the wind. You can’t start a business because you think being an entrepreneur would be cool or because you want to join some Unicorn club.

If that’s what you’re in this for, not only have you missed the point — you need to grow up.

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